ZuPreem is a world renowned food brand for Zoo animals and other small animals. They have a widespread range of products to suit different animals, individually. Started in 1964 by Dr. Morris of Raritan Animal Hospital, ZuPreem thrives on the philosophy that just a minor change in the diet of the animals, adding or removing just a single substance, makes a great different to their health and nourishment. Passed down across the generations, this idea still persists in the product lines at ZuPreem as the guiding light.

ZuPreem has a never dying commitment towards its customer and the society. They care about animals in the first place and everything else follows. The state- of- the art nutrition research, along with the highest quality standards of manufacturing and quality control, are the two basic pillars on which ZuPreem thrives.

Health and longevity of animals is what ZuPreem has always banked on. Now in the hands of its third generation, this US based company is still innovating continuously to provide the most perfectly formulated and the highest quality food for various animals, like the zoo animals, birds, ferrets and other small animals. Try ZuPreem nutrition today to gift good health to the animals in your care, and show them that you care!


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