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In a dog as pet lover nation like India, the cat owners are still a minority. Yet, it doesn’t stop companies from indulging the taste buds of feline creatures, for the cats as adorable as any other pet for its owner. Most of latter rely big time on one of the oldest cat food brands in the world, Whiskas to take care of their little friends. Owned by Mars Incorporated, Whiskas is a part of Mars Petcare, one of the world’s leading pet care providers. Same brand also owns names as Pedigree and Royal Canin among others. Owned by Mars family, Mars Petcare is headquartered in Belgium.

The brand Whiskas promises to offer healthy and interesting food option to cats across the world. Nutritionally balanced and complete food for the cats, Whiskas has become the first choice of cat lovers. A lot many vouch for its quality saying that their cat would not eat any other packaged food but Whiskas.

It comes in two categories-dry and wet food and both the varieties are equally popular with the cats. Even its punchline says the same, ‘Cats Prefer It’. And, why wouldn’t they after all the range of Whiskas is made keeping in mind the unique requirements of the feline creatures. Very organically produced and manufactured food, a quality check is big on the agenda of the makers. Hygienically packed, Whiskas goes round the world and yet its taste remains the same-amazingly fresh.

This level of quality is kept in check by a conscious mother brand that also takes its social responsibility seriously. The company is committed to ‘source all its fish globally from sustainable sources by 2020’. Quite promising it sounds. Here is a lowdown on the kind of products Whiskas has to offer, for both kittens and adult cats:

Whiskas JUNIOR Mackerel: Steam cooked and foil packed, it retains the aroma of freshly prepared fish. Full of nutrients, it keeps your cat’s skin and coat beautiful.

Whiskas Cat Treat Kitten Ocean Fish:Everything that a growing kitten needs, like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, is carefully thought of at Whiskas while making food of them. The kitten range of food products have 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

Whiskas Adult Cat Food In Jelly Multi Pouches:You read it right. It is seafood cooked in jelly. Your cat’s favourite fish is cooked in natural juices to make it a healthy and juicy treat. All the flavours are locked in. All your cat gets is a hearty meal, just enough for her lunch or dinner.

Whiskas Cat Can Food Trout & Sardine Chunks in Jelly:A cat is not a cat if she doesn’t love sardine and trout. That’s what this stuff is made of. Whole pieces of these fish are prepared in jelly or gravy to keep the preparation juicy. What’s more it is also rich in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

If you haven’t yet started feeding your cat Whiskas, do it right now to have a happy and healthy pet, for they say the way to a cat’s heart is through her stomach...

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