• Waterless Bath Dog Shampoo 235ml Waterless Bath Dog Shampoo 235ml

Waterless Bath Dog Shampoo 235ml

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Product Description

Waterless Bath Dog Shampoo 235ml

At times it is so difficult to give a bath to pooches. Bad humid weather or time of the day would make it difficult to give your pooch a good bath especially after they have rolled in the dirt and become all smelly and dirty. Waterless Bath Dog Shampoo is the most innovative and brilliant creations. The shampoo can be easily applied on the pooches and guess what no messy bath! The waterless shampoo will clean and remove the foul odour and keep the pooches fresh at least till time you can give them a bath.

  • Suitable for all coats and dog breeds
  • Does not require water 
  • easy to use and apply shampoo
  • removes fouldoggie smell
  • Quantity - 253 Ml
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Do not apply in eyes, nose or mouth
  • Do not apply on cuts or wounds