Vitapol is a renowned brand from Poland that produces quality product for all your birds and small animals. The brand produces quality feed for your birds and is available in over 78 countries across the globe through an efficient distribution system.

The Vitapol products are made using optimal quality ingredients that is not only exceptional in taste but has an appetizing aroma that is liked by all birds. They produce food and treats for various birds such as Budgie or Macaws.

Vitapol was first introduced in 1992 by Potr Matuszewski who established the PW HOBBY Company that aimed to create and develop the best quality bird food for all kinds of bird species.

It was after a few years of inception of the brand that in 1995 after initial years of preparation the first Vitapol product was put into the production line. Around 21st century Vitapol conquered the Polish market completely and introduced its innovative treats in the form of the sticks for the birds. This was called the Smaker and is the flagship brand for the company.

It is a palatable treat that is liked by all birds such as the budgerigars and macaws. It is not only good in taste but also ensures appropriate nutrients for all pets.

Vitapol is made with quality ingredients that are grown in nature and that ensure that the birds do not encounter any digestion issues with the feed. The high quality food ensures energy for your birds at all times. In addition to this it helps to maintain the immunity for all your birds, while maintaining its vibrant colors.

In recent time Vitapol has introduced a variety of products for the rabbit as well. This was due to the growing demand in the market. Vitapol realised that even the small animals need specialised feed to ensure a healthy growth and maintain a good digestive system. They realised that rabbits were given mostly home growth food.

Rabbits are different from other pets and small animals. A rabbit needs to be given at all times because it is necessary for the gastrointestinal tract of any young rabbit to be always full. Along with this it needs fresh water and hay that needs to be changed every day.

At the moment Vitapol produces food for baby rabbits till the age of three months. It includes quality ingredients such as cereal products, alfalfa meal, grass meal, flax meal, sunflower seed extracted meal, dried calendula flower, dried alfalfa, dried yeast and calcium carbonate.


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