Established in 1968 in Carros a place near Nice in France, Virbac is the earliest autonomous laboratory which is completely devoted to the wellbeing of animal health. Founded by veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick, Virbac right from its very onset has been continuously working laboriously for the betterment of animal health and in 2010 after a mind-blowing earnings of around 572.84 million pound, it is presently world’s eighth biggest animal health laboratory who performs great and extensive research and studies for the betterment of health of various species of animals. Virbac products includes ample of good, reliable and really effective vaccines and medicines which are highly recommended by veterinarian world-wide for prevention and healing of several ailments in animals.

At Virbac health of both domesticated and undomesticated animals has always been given highest priority. At Virbac scientists and researchers have always paid utmost attention on all the vital requirements which are essential in keeping the animals healthy. Apart from pills and vaccines there are many Virbac products that works as great food supplements, providing the animals with crucial minerals and vitamins too.

At present, Virbac has multiple branches at all the five continents via twenty eight subordinates and in the present scenario it is selling all its vaccines and medicines in more than hundred countries all around the globe and it is needless to mention that, with its forty years rich and plush experience Virbac is one of the hot-favorite companies in the animal health sector serving dexterously and sincerely. Virbac’s success lies in its capability of delivering both excellent and effectual products as well as service.

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