Vetoquinol is a pharmaceutical company which concentrates exclusively on animal health care. Vetoquinol India animal health private limited was established in the 2009 and is a subsidiary of vetoquional S.A. It has its head office at Mumbai.

The company provides excellent dog training facilities. Pet training helps dogs to mould their behavior according to the contemporary circumstances of daily life. A dog can be trained with utmost patience, love and care. There are different methods of training a dog and this company has various tools at its disposal to make the training of dogs effective. One of them is the dog training aid method which helps them to make more social and engage in activities like hunting, guiding the blind, sheepherding, safety and protection of home and many other such activities. There are various products which enables training of dogs.

These include:-

  • Dog anti-licker bitter cherry spray
  • Beaphar puppy trainer house training
  • Dontlik for dogs spray Dosch
  • Puppy potty toilet training aid.

Training treats is a technique which serves the perfect purpose in training a dog. Dog owners benefit in two ways from training treats. First, it can be used to motivate or reward the dog while training. Second, while the dog is alone, it can be used in toys for leisure. There are various training treats that are available in the market in different brands. But many dog owners employ their own training treat according to their convenience.

However, basic dog training treats include:-

  • Buddy dog treat pouch for waist
  • Jerhigh bacon dog treats
  • Jerhigh liv stick dog treats
  • Mix bone dog treat jump and
  • Super lekker delicious dog treats Beaphar

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