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Turtles are amphibians and require extra care when it comes to their meals. Their delicate digestive systems need food that is nutritious and that does not cloud their habitat. Pet Experts at DogSpot have carefully selected turtle food that is nutritious and of premium quality. Not only is the food good for the digestive system of the turtles, it also promotes and supports strong shell growth and increases and enhances immunity.
Some of the well known brands in the turtle food segment are:
Taiyo:  Taiyo is one of the largest Japanese conglomerates that have pet foods as one of the subsidiaries. The food developed by Taiyo Industries is made with natural ingredients and suits the natural habitat of the turtles.
Sakura  Also known as the Cherry Blossom is one of the best known brands in the amphibian and reptile industry. The premium quality food offered by Sakura is made with natural ingredients and is highly nutritious.