TRIXIE is German brand that deals with an exhaustive list of products to cater to all the needs of your pet. They manufacture and sell over 6,000 items for all your dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and fish. The brand has been present in the European continent for over 38 years and is gaining in strength. The company understands the need of all pet owners and manufacturers and designs products for them. They also help in making continuous improvements to the present product range.

TRIXIE manufactures a large variety of products that is exported to more than 70 countries. Tarp is their logistic partner and the whole handling and packaging process is handled by them. At present there are over 300 employees working in Tarp along with managing the warehouse. They even provide training to apprentices in six different professions.

Innovative products and modern technology is what helps them to stay market leaders in these fields. This is clubbed with customer oriented services and fast delivery.

The product line is developed by experts and even the tests are performed by experts themselves. The prime aim is to maintain optimal quality and provide excellent customer services.

TRIXIE was founded by Bonnik Hansen in Flensburg, Germany in 1974. Two years later the facility was relocated to Wees and the new administration was set up. Around 1986 the company shifted its base to their new premises to cater to the growing need of office and warehouse space.

In January 1998 Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. was set up with Bonnik Hansen, Volker Haak and Dirk Jessen. In 2002 the business was relocated in the business park in Tarp. In 2012 a new logistic concept was introduced with an investment of around four million Euros.

TRIXIE as of today produce a variety of dog products such as training equipments, dog clothing and beds along with cushions. Along with this there is a wide range of supplementary food, repellents, flaps, leads, collars and harness. In addition to this there is an exhaustive list of kennels and related accessories. When it comes to dogs no one can forget their food, this includes a variety of chews and snacks with a range of bowls and carriers. They manufacture and distribute plethora of toys as well to suit the need of all your adult dogs and puppies.

TRIXIE not only caters to dogs but there is a vast range of cat products as well. It includes various elements for all your felines. It includes beds, cushions, supplementary food, outdoor run doors and cat furniture. Along with this there are natural scratching posts, dog bowls, dispensers, automatic feeders, snacks and litter trays, which are essential for your cats. In addition to this there is a wide variety of cages and carriers that allows your pet to travel with you.

When it comes to pets, small rodents and rabbits are an important part of the range and that is the prime reason that TRIXIE produces quality products to cater to the need of all your small animals. There are various beds, caves and tunnels to keep your pet busy when in his or her cage. In addition there are wide range of feeding bowls and drinking bottles along with hay manger.

Along with all this there is a wide range of products to cater to the need of all your reptiles and fish.

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