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Many dog owners and dog lovers are intimidated by the thought of training dogs. If you want a dog, you have to commit to training him. This is because a trained dog will bring more happiness not just to you but also to himself. He will learn to be polite and not to bark too much or bite someone for no reason. He will learn where to do his business and that the couch and the bed are out of bounds for him unless invited. Thus, you should invest time and train him properly. To make things easier for you, you have training aids such as dog training collars. These dog collars will help you keep your dog under control especially when he is out in public.

Some dogs are extremely aggressive. Other dogs like barking way too much. This can create a nuisance and people won’t like it. You will find many good dog training collars in the market but you should be very careful to buy ONLY humane collars for your dog. There are many brands that sell collars that are harmful and cause pain to your dog. That is sheer abuse. Don’t hurt your dog in a bid to train him. Use safe training collars so he learns easily and is not hurt.

Here is a list of the popular brands of dog training collars that sell humane and safe collars:

Beaphar: The Gentle Leader training collar from Beaphar is available for large dogs as well as small dogs and puppies. The collar mainly teaches your dog not to pull or tug on the leash. The collar is comfortable, safe, and long lasting. You can rely on it to teach your dog no to pull.

Halti: The Head Collar Halti is safe and is designed to ensure that your dog does not pull on the leash. It is comfortable and will cause your dog no harm whatsoever. It is a safe way to modify your dog’s behavior.

Pettags: The No Bark Collar for Dogs Pettags is a humane way to make your dog stop barking unnecessarily. It is very safe and comfortable. The training collar is versatile in that it offers two different modes to silence your dog humanely. One is through sounds and the other is through vibrations. It also has different modes for you to adjust according to your need. Make sure you start with the mildest mode always. The collar does not emit any shock to hurt your dog.

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