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Training Clickers & Whistles

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Training Clickers & Whistles

Training a pooch is one of the most important bonds that a pet parent can form with their pooches. The effort, time and patience involved in training a pooch includes builds a stronger trust and a deeper bond between both the pet parent and their pooch. The pet understands the behaviour that is acceptable by the pet parents and one that is not and knowing dogs, they would prefer to carry out tasks that are approved by their family.

Clicker training - One of the training methods adopted to train dogs is clicker and whistle training. Clickers are used to reinforce positive desirable behaviour. When the right behaviour is displayed, a dog would hear a click. Clickers are a clear form of communication between the pet parent and the pet and is often combined with positive reinforcement such as a treat or a toy.

Whistles -  Whistles are another way of training dogs. When desirable behaviour is displayed, the trainer or pet parent would ring a whistle followed by a positive reinforcement such as treat or a toy.