• Taiyo Flower Horn Fish Food - 45 gm  (Pack Of 3) Taiyo Flower Horn Fish Food - 45 gm  (Pack Of 3)

Taiyo Flower Horn Fish Food - 45 gm (Pack Of 3)

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Product Description

Taiyo Flower Horn Fish Food - 45 gm (Pack Of 3)

Feeding will induce greater development of head growth. Head's shape can also be more contoured. Features: Taiyo is an unique formulated fish feed to induce speedy head growth for all flower horn Breed. Shape of head growth will also improve through constant feeding. Feed is high in protein so as to help fish grow at a faster rate and improving head growt.


  • Ingredients: White Fish meal,shrimp meal,Fish and vegetable protein extract ,Wheat germ meal,corn meal, lecithin,calcium phospate,B-corbonate,Natural and artificial foodstuff colourants,Vitamin A,B1,E,K3 and minerals
  • Feeding Instructions: Feed two or three times daily but always in small quantities which can be eaten in few minutes.
  • Care Instructions: Store in cool dry place
  • The formulation is designed to provide the proper nutrition required for healthy growth, body shape, coloration and sexual maturity
  • Enhance the body shape, Contains natural ingredients which outstandingly increase appetite


  • Quantity - 45 gm