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Over-eagerness in eating, is a problem which many dogs display in their daily food-consumption routine. Pet owners many a times live under the apprehension that this practice goes away as the dogs mature, but it actually aggravates and becomes a habit. Though you can be assured that you are not the only one facing this problem, but nevertheless it is a very unsafe practice. It might lead to serious consequences as it is not natural for a dog, who is supposed to be a hunter in nature, to gobble up on large quantities of food very fast.  Since you can’t do much in asking your fur-ball to slow down, you can definitely use the Dogspot Slow Feeding Bowl to disable the fast eating process!

Veterinarians across the globe emphasize on the fact that slow feeding is healthy and it helps reduce the problems of bloat, obesity, regurgitation and so on. Dogspot Slow Feeding Bowls are built in with a solid hurdle in the centre such that your dog takes up only the prescribed amount of portion at a time. These bowls come in different sizes which can be selected as per the age and size of your dog. Buy the Dogspot Slow Feeding Bowl for your dog, and ensure his peace of mind during the mealtime!

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