Sheba is a well-known name among cat owners. Sheba believes that cats have a magical beauty within themselves and their elegance and mysterious movements make them admirable. The objective is to develop a brand that is as special as their persona.

The brand is represented by Eva Long aria, who is known for exemplified beauty and she is associated with the brand because of her spontaneity and fulfilment. Sheba believes that Eva and cats both share their passion for the finer indulgences in life. The other and the most important reason of this international star to be associated with Sheba was that she herself is a cat lover.

Sheba was launched in 1982, in Hamburg and derives its name from the queen of Sheba who was a part in the 10th century BC at the court of Solomon in Jerusalem and was there to test his wisdom from time and again.

Sheba is part of Mars, Incorporated and is a brand of canned cat food produced by them.  Sheba has a wide range of entrees in its repertoire and aims to help the cat owners to express their love and joy to their cat. The brand offers a variety of flavours and recipes to choose from and ensure that all the raw materials or ingredients are sourced from fish that are responsibly sourced through the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. The entrees are specifically made of real beef, poultry meat and fish without the presence of any filler. This ensures the animal protein need of your cat is met and the taste is palatable for all your cats.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been specially formulated program that aims to conserve the oceans. Seafood Watch is a program for the aquarium that helps to engage the consumers and businesses to purchase the seafood that are farmed in a way, where the impact is minimized on the environment.

The program was launched by Sheba in 1999 and till today there have been continuous research that has helped the company to review the sustainability of fisheries in the aquaculture operations across the world on regular basis.

Sheba is a product of Mars Petcare, US, which is a part of various well-known brand of pet care brands such as Pedigree, Cesar, Sheba, Whiskas, the Goodlife Recipe and temptations.

 Sheba at the moment offers five varieties of responsibly sourced materials such as whitefish, tuna and other seafood options. This program was initiated by Sheba as everyone knows that oceans are under a global threat as there has been a rapid growth in the demand of seafood and other fish farming practices that help to disrupt the fragile ecosystem for the world.


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