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Rope dog toys the name says it all! These toys have a braided rope with a few rubber or plastic parts. These toys are highly engaging because they are unique and attractive. Your dog will play around and paw them endlessly while playing with them. You can use these toys not just to keep him engaged as he chews away and plays with them but also to ensure great oral health. They clean your dogs mouth and strengthen his teeth.

Thus, rope dog toys are toys that are highly engaging while being healthy for your dog. When you look around, you will find numerous different types of rope toys for your dog. You can choose the right size and right type based on the breed of your dog and what you think will suit him the best. Along with that, you have to focus on the brand so that you end up with durable and enduring toys only.

Cheap quality toys can get ruined very easily because your dog will subject them to a lot of use. But besides that, cheap toys are also harmful. Thus, you should be careful with your purchase and carry out thorough research to end up with nothing but the best. Here are some of the top brands that you could choose:

Knot A Rope : The name of this brand itself insinuates what it mainly sells. All the rope dog toys from Knot A Rope are of high quality and are highly reliable. These rope toys are made out of cotton and are of different types. They are very interactive while being safe and enduring. Some of the top products from Knot A Rope are Cotton Tug Super Rope Dog Toy Knot A Rope, Cotton Loop Tug Rope Dog Toy Knot A Rope, Cotton Knotted Bone Rope Dog Toy Knot A Rope, and so on. They are available in various sizes such as extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. You can select based on the breed of your dog and his age.

KONG : The most popular rope toys from KONG are the KONG AirDog Squeaker Birthday Balls. These balls are like tennis balls but are squeakers. They are highly engaging and your dog will spend lots of time throwing them around and chasing them. They will also keep your dog active and give him the required exercise.

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