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Recovery Collars & Cones

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Recovery Collars & Cones

One of the most heart wrenching times is when out furry friends fall ill. Event worst is when they are injured or have undergone some surgery. The recovery period is painful and one has to be careful and make sure that there is no duress around the wound. In case of a surgery, it is imperative to keep the stitches dry for quicker recovery, else it may lead to infections. Most cats and dogs do not appreciate to be dressed up. When they get operated, the pain due to the stitches and the plaster causes frustration as it reduces their activity levels and they try to remove the surgical dressing or stitches by licked or biting.

One of the best ways to stop this and to aid in quick recovery is to use recovery collars and cones. Made of flexible material, the cones and collars can be easily put on our furry friends. The recovery cones and collars are easy to put on. They restrict the access of the mouth to the rest of the body aiding in quicker recovery.