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Our pooches love to chew as it is their natural instinct. However, it becomes a problem when the target chew objects are our furniture, shoes, books or even our walls. To help you prevent any damage to your belongings, we bring to you raw hide bones.

Raw hide bones as the name suggests are made up of raw hide or inner layers of horse or cow hide. During manufacturing, the hides are cleaned and blend into chewable treats for your dogs. The treats are often layered with flavouring to make them enjoyable. 

Rawhide treats help in meeting the natural instinct of chewing. The treats provide long hours of chewing pleasure and will keep your pooch busy for long. Chewing will also help reduce anxiety and also keep the teeth clean. Raw hide bones ensure that there is no onset of periodontal infections such as tartar / plaque and keeps the teeth clean and breath fresh.