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Plastic & Fiber Bowls

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Buy Plastic & Fiber Bowls for Dogs

Our furry friends are precious and they need the best of nutrition to stay strong. For serving food and water one would not want to use low grade plastic bowls as it is harmful for them. Premium quality plastic & fiber bowls are much more durable and easy to clean. brings a wide range of plastic and fiber bowls for you to select for your furry friends, based on their size and the requirements.

The premium quality plastic and fiber bowls are in two varieties - tip and non tip bowls. The non tip bowls are a lot more sturdy than the tip bowls as they have a stronger, flater base that does not tip even if your pooch or cat accidentally steps on them. Made from non - corrossive material the plastic and fiber bowls are easy to clean and does not corrode. The bowls are light weight so can be easily carried with you in case you are travelling with your dog. These bowls come in bright colours and funky designs! Your furry friends will love these bowls for sure!