Pfizer is a renowned healthcare brand when it comes to medicine. What started with a small chemical business in New York is one of the biggest chemical companies around the world today. Pfizer is a trusted brand when it comes to human medicines around the world. They are not far behind when it comes to animal health care as well.

In 1849 cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart borrowed $2500 dollars from Pfizer’s father to start a chemical business. It is a modest red brick building in Brooklyn in New York. This small humble area served as a office, laboratory, factory and warehouse.

The first landmark product was a form of santinin, which is an anti parasitic that was used to treat all kinds of intestinal worms. A common thing in the 19th century America, this marked the beginning of Pfizer

In 1952 after almost 100 years after its inception, Pfizer started an agricultural division that provided cutting edge solution to resolve all animal health issues. This started with a 700 acre farm, which was a research facility situated in Indiana.

Recently in the past decade Pfizer has been one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to pharmaceutical companies. They were even named the Company of the Year by Forbes for the development of innovative drugs.

Later Pfizer opened a Discovery Technology Center in Cambridge, which utilized various gene families and developed new and efficient models for discovering various new drugs. Today Pfizer has a special subsidiary to cater to the animal health care. Zoetis was developed and provided support to all customers and their business. This is followed on heels of the success received by Pfizer Animal Health.

Zoetis develops, manufacture and commercialize quality medicines and vaccines by performing various genetic tests and other range of services. The name also has a hidden meaning the word Zo has its root in zoology and the complete world means pertaining to life. A apt name when it comes to animal health

Pfizer idea was simple to provide real world solutions that cater to all the need of the customers. This is one the latest milestone in the prolific history of Pfizer. The need for Zoetis was spread headed by the trust of all veterinarians and livestock producers who had bestowed their trust on Pfizer for almost the past 60 years.

The aim of the company is simple to put the customers before anything else. Their belief is simple whenever the customers thrive with the medicines, it in turns benefit the organization with the sale and the trust bestowed on them.

Pfizer’s vision is led by the team of Zoetis field representatives who have developed effective relationship with customers for ages. The relations are supported by the technical and veterinary specialties as they provide their technical expertise to all customers. Along with this they provide education for all commonly occurring diseases in pets.

Zoetis has ground on experience and they understand the local needs of the market. This allows the customers to react to the market requirements with ease and helps to the customers to resolve their issues. This in turn maintains the business productivity and ensures long term success of all company initiatives.

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