Petmate is one of the most trusted brands of pet care products. There are those of us who think of our pets no less than of our own children. And caring for those same pets hold the same affectionate and loving gesture for us that we bestow upon our children. Being the provider of the smartest pet care products and solutions, Petmate has successfully gained the position of one of the best brands in the hearts of their long standing customers.

Interesting as it to note, Petmate has been the first ever pet care brand in the whole world to provide a comfortable and safe alternative option to replace the previous wooden travel crates for pets. Petmate is also very well known and well reputed as the one brand to have introduced smart solutions for every stage of the growth and development of your beloved pet animal. They guarantee on solving each of your pet care related problems with empathy and experience because “We have pets too!” There are several world class brands for pet care products and solutions owned by Petmate including Booda, Fat Cat, Petmate, Aspen Pet and Bamboo.

Petmate has three distinct categories of pet care product. These include pet care products for dogs and puppies, pet care products for cats and kittens and a pet care range for birds. Each of these categories contains pet specific products and solutions, like auto feeding and watering machines, basic feeding and watering solutions, beddings, dog collars, leashes, gravity feeding and watering machines, houses, toys, chews, scratchers, litter managements, cage accessories and wild bird products.


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