If you really love and care about your pet and if you are looking for a reliable pet care brand that will pamper your darling pets exactly the way you do and will take care of all its requirements starting form healthiness, cleanliness, food habits and will look after all the other important needs with extreme care then PETCARE is your answer. PETCARE is the animal health sector of the globally renowned Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd which earlier was famously known as Tetragon Chemie Pvt. Ltd. PETCARE is solely committed to nourishment and treatment of your beloved pets.

PETCARE truly believes that pets are the integral part of their owner’s lives and since they are their owner’s best and most dependable and honest companions they are be worthy of lots of attention and care, so PETCARE look after all the animals with extreme care and affection. PETCARE is a renowned and reliable brand among the animal lovers in India, for its amazing and really effective products which includes various beneficial drugs and varieties of nutritious animal foods. This autonomous company is famous among the pet lovers for all its original and unique and effectual commodities. Its products are much highly since all the products are of international standards.

PETCARE is the pioneer of launching binomial anthelmintics, acaricides, nutritionals, curative supplements and healthy foodstuffs for pets for the very first time in India
Running on the noble motto- “Your Pet, Our Care” and because of its sincerity much acclaimed products PETCARE right now is  the most famous name among pet lovers of India which is rapidly gaining popularity in Brazil and several other South East Asian countries.

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