• Petben Skin Care Shampoo For Dog - 150 ml With Glove & Towel Petben Skin Care Shampoo For Dog - 150 ml With Glove & Towel

Petben Skin Care Shampoo For Dog - 150 ml With Glove & Towel

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Product Description

Petben Skin Care Shampoo For Dog - 150 ml With Glove & Towel

You can now make bathing rituals a little more pleasing affair for you and your pet with the PetBen Skin Care Shampoo. PetBen Shampoo is a favourite with pet owners because it spreads easily and distributes evenly through the hair. This shampoo foams well and it makes your pet’s coat lustrous and shiny. Regular baths with this shampoo ensures that your pet’s coat stays clean and healthy. This is also an easy way of keeping away all parasites. PetBen Skin Care Shampoo contains Benzoyl Peroxide that works thoroughly on the body because it penetrates the skin to flush the hair follicles well. This action aids in removing scales, glandular secretion & bacteria thus making it possible to have a control over bacterial infections. The Shampoo can also be used while your pet is being treated for Canine Demodicosis or superficial, deep and idiopathic Pyoderma. It is a non-irritating and non-toxic formula so you can use it comfortably on your pet without any inhabitations. 

The special combo pack includes a massage glove and a towel. The rubber glove is a wonderful accessory to maasage the skin of your pooch while the towel is mda from soft cotton that can be carried anywhere to wipe your pooch.


  • Shampoo - Antimicrobial properties. Flushes out all hair follicles. Removes all bacteria and control spread. Non toxic and non irritant on skin
  • Glove - Rubber Glove with grooves that help to increase circulation of blood while massaging
  • Towel - Made of soft absorpent cotton.


  • Quantity - Shampoo (150 ml) + 1 Rubber Glove + 1 Towel


  • Shampoo - Wet the coat completely with  water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. Lather well into coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.