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How relaxed will you feel if we tell you that now there is a way to ensure the safety of your pet, that in case he is lost or runs away he or she will be returned to you? Seems impossible, you will be surprised to know that there is a plethora of these wonderful products available that will ensure the safety of your pet.
Welcome to the world of pet tags, you must have noticed it when you enter a pet store that there are these traditional pet tags available with your vendor in different shape, size and color. You can get the name and the number of the pet etched on it with ease. This is simple and easy to use for the finder. You just have to attach to the collar and this will help you to maintain his or her safety.
Post scanning you can get information not only of the owner to help you reconnect the pet but it will also help to get all the necessary information for your pet as well; such as his or her dietary requirements and their medical requirements if any.
At DogSpot, we understand the need of the pets and their pet owners and this is the prime reason that we bring to you a variety of shapes and colours to chose the right tag for your pet. Here are some of the options for you.
DogSpot : This is an in-house product that is made using quality aluminium and is available in a variety of shapes and colors to suit the need of every pet owner. You can get your pets name etched on it as well as the number that needs to be called in case you lose your pet ever.
Pettagu : The Pettagu tags come in a variety different and attractive color that is not only attractive to look at but ensures your pets safety as well. Each of the tag comes with a unique QR code, so every individual pet owner gets a unique code. In case your dog is lost the finder has to just scan the code and the information will be displayed to him or her immediately. This will include information such as the owner details, vaccination and every information regarding the its health such as allergies or special dietary requirements.
The tag is easily placed on the pets collar, so it is easy for the finder to scan the code for any information regarding the pet, which helps to reconnect him or her with its rightful owner. The only requirement is that he or she should have a smartphone. In case the finder does not have a smartphone, he or she just has to fill in the id on the website to access the owner and pet information.
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