Pedigree Dog Food is centuries old. This leading brand, which has managed to satisfy thousands in every country that it has spread its wings in, has been around since 1934. It is the subsidiary of the American giant, Mars Limited. The brand had the original slogan, “Recommended by Top Breeders.” In 2007, the slogan was changed to ‘Dogs Rule.’

In 1997, a philanthropic organization was also formed, known as Pedigree Foundation. This foundation mainly revolves around homeless dogs. It works to help these dogs find loving and caring homes. You can adopt pets through this organization, you can donate, and you can also volunteer if you wish. Dog lovers can use this great opportunity to give dogs the love and loyalty they have always received.

The reason why Pedigree has been such a huge hit is that it is entirely dedicated to dogs and dog needs. Whether it is food or grooming, this brand delivers the best. When it comes to food, there are numerous different products based on age and breed of the dog. For example, there is the Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Chicken & Milk for puppies and the Pedigree Adult Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables for adult dogs. The dog food is also categorized as small breed, medium breed, and large breed. You can cross reference them and choose one for your loving pet. Moreover, the brand offers different types of foods such as dry food and gravy style food. It also offers chicken and meat chunks, which have been proven to be very desirable for dogs of all breeds. Another great product from Pedigree is the Denta Stix for puppies to chew on as their teeth develop and itch. These have been shown to be very reliable. They are also long lasting and dogs take an instant liking to them, chewing on them for hours. They are, thus, the ideal choice for puppies that love chewing away on things. They are delicious and will definitely engage pets for a long time.

All the types of dog food offered by Pedigree have very useful and nutritious ingredients, which cater to the proper growth and development of dogs, keeping them healthy and happy. Each type has different nutritious elements based on the requirements. For example, the puppy category of dog foods has different nutritious elements, which target puppy growth and development. The adult foods on the other hand meet the nutritional requirements of adults. Customers must buy according to the age and the breed of their dogs in mind so as to meet their requirements and give them the best.

Some of the products from Pedigree are as follows:

Dry Dog Food: You will find a wide variety of dry dog food and you can choose based on the age and breed of your dog. For example, there is the Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Chicken & Milk for little puppies. For just born puppies, you can choose Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Starter & Weaning Professional and so on. For adult dogs, on the other hand, you have many options such as Pedigree Dog Adult food Chicken & Vegetables, Pedigree Adult Dog Food Meat & Rice, Pedigree Dog Food Adult Milk, Rice, and Vegetables, Pedigree Dog Food Active Adult Professional, Pedigree Dog Food Adult Senior Professional, and so on. You can check the breed the pack specifies such as small breed, medium breed, and large breed, and then make your choice.

Dog Meaty Treats: Along with dry food, Pedigree also sells meaty treats for dogs. These include Pedigree Dog Treat Adult Gravy Style, Pedigree Meat Jerky Barbeque Chicken Flavor, Pedigree Meat Jerky Grilled Liver Flavor, Pedigee Dog Treat Puppy Rice and Chicken, Pedigree Dog Treat Rodeo Chicken & Liver Flavor, and Pedigree Dog Treat Adult Pouch Chicken & Liver Chunks.

Dog Dental Chews: To avoid your dog from chewing away your shoes and furniture, you can buy him yummy dental chews from Pedigree. These include Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Toy & Small Dogs, Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Green Tea Flavor Toy & Small Dogs, Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Medium & Large Dogs, and Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Puppy.

Canned Dog Food: Canned food from pedigree is fresh and delicious. Pedigree Dog Can with Chicken in Jelly is one good example.

Pedigree boasts of having a strong reputation not just when it comes to products but also when it comes to serving its customers. It has strived to offer only the best services and products and with each passing year, it works harder to satisfy its customers and to ensure that dog owners are happy with the development of their pets.

It firmly believes in its motto that Dogs Rule and it shows its belief through its exceptional products for dog health and nutrition.

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