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Dog Shoes & Socks - Paw Protection

A dog's paw is one of the most sensitive body parts and yet it endures the extremes of the weather and the environment. The paws are exposed to the road and dirt whether it is winters or summers and suffer from a lot of wear and tear. To protect your pooch's paws from any wear and tear, there are a number of brands that offer specially designed shoes and socks that you can slip on your pooch's paws and keep them soft and safe.

Here are some of the brands that offer shoes and socks for your pooches:

DogSpot - DogSpot offers a variety of soft sole and mesh design shoes and socks for your pooches. The shoes have been designed while keeping the comfort and care of your pooch in mind. The sole of the shoes and socks protects the paws from the elements of the environment while the velcrow straps keep the shoes in place.

Ferplast - Ferplast is one of the oldest names in providing quality products for your pooches. The unique designs of their shoes and socks provide comfort and care to paws and keep them soft fro wear and tear.