The natural Polymer International Corporation was started in the year 1996, and was targeted to focus primarily on the application of resources that can be renewed. Renewable resources like vegetable protein are used to make biodegradable products. Biodegradable products are extremely environment friendly and ensure the minimum damage to the natural ecosystem.

In the year 1998, innovation and inspiration came together and the N-Bone line of edible, long-lasting and digestible Dog treats and chew bones were developed to meet the growing demands of numerous parents of pets. Since that year, NPIC has become a patent in biodegradable technology to take it to another step. They wanted to develop highly soluble, safe, healthy chew treats and bones. Thus, creating a line of dog chew, biscuit supplements and treats, Get Naked and highly digestible solutions, Twistix. NPIC provides full services such as manufacturing, packing, formulation.

Twistix dental treat is one its products. It helps in removing tartar, plague and freshens up breathing. It is good for oral hygiene. It comes in small and large sizes. The ingredients of this dental treat includes rice powder, glycerine, natural flavour, citric acid, parsley, peppermint etc. This product is highly harmful for humans. While letting this to one’s pet, the owner needs to inspect the chewing. The Twistix Dental Treat large is another wheat free dental care product by NPIC.

NPIC has come a long way by using the resources efficiently and adding advanced technology to it. One can be sure of a happy and healthy pet.


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