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Medication is important for almost anyone and everyone. Any living being requires medicines time and again to maintain their health. As a human being we fall ill and a medicine whether prescribed or just taken over the counter helps us to not feel better  but ensures a speedy recovery as well.

Similarly there is a wide range of fish medications available for your fish as well to ensure that they maintain their natural colour and grow as per their specie.  Your aquarium fish can fall ill due to a variety of reasons.  One of the most common reasons for illness among fish is the cloudy and murky waters that can reduce the immunity f your fish and can be fatal at times.

There are different kind of infections as well that can result in a variety problems in your fresh water and marine friends such as rotting of fins, red eye or infection on the scales. In such cases it becomes necessary to provide the appropriate medication to all our aquatic friends.

FishSpot offers you a variety of medications to resolve the various medical issues in your fish. You can choose a product as per your requirement to resolve all your issues

Rid-All : They produce quality products to resolve various issues that you encounter in your freshwater tanks. They are a must have for every aquarium owner. The range includes anti-fungal treatment that help to provide relief to all kind of fin rotting and infection problems, which is mostly caused by fungal infection in the pet.

Along with this there are anti-chlorine an anti-itch formulation as well, which prevents various different diseases and infections in your pet and ensures that there are no untoward experience for you.

ISTA :  They produce quality products for all fresh water aquariums and is a blessing in disguise to remove traces of the silent assassin, the algae from your aquarium. Regular use not only removes traces of algae but will ensure that there is no regrowth of it as well. It is very important to get rid of algae from your aquarium as it uses the oxygen that is meant for the other aquatic organisms.

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