• Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk - 1 Kg Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk - 1 Kg

Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk - 1 Kg

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Product Description



  • Milk and -byproducts
  • Oil and fat

Vitamins & Minerals profile:

  • Mn 20mg/kg,
  • Cu 5mg/kg, I 0.14mg/kg, Se0.10mg/kg, VitA50000IU/kg, Vit. C 130mg/kg,
  • Vit. D32000IU/kg, Vit.E:50mg/kg
  • Vit. B1:5.5mg/kg, Vit.B2:20.0mg/kg, Pantothanate:25.0mg/kg, Nicotin:25.5mg/kg,
  • Vit. B6:4.5mg/kg,
  • Vit. B12: 50g/kg,
  • Choline:760mg/kg, Methionin:5.0mg/kg, Fe:80mg/kg, Lysin:16.0mg/kg, Zn :40mg/kg


  • A complete food for orphaned puppies and kittens from birth to 24 days old.
  • An ideal supplement for weaning kittens and puppies from milk
  • An ideal nutritional supplement even for the pregnant queen/ bitch and while suckling the young
  • For mothers suffering from milk failure, have contaminated milk or agalactia


  • Quality Whey protein to match natural bitches/queens milk
  • Extremely palatable and of optimal biological value due to its excellent amino acid content
  • The special low-temperature drying process preserves fragile protein structures so that more of the protein in the product can be utilized by growing animals.
  • Lactolprovides the correct balance of oils, natural vitamins and minerals
  • Convenience in mixing

Feeding requirements:

  • New pack is only for puppy and mother dog
  • One scoop=2.5g
  • Add 12 scoops in 105 ml water and this is suited for 250 gms puppy., 500gm-160ml,1kg-250ml,2kg-400ml,5kg-900ml
  • Complimentary feeding For adult dogs=11ml/kg body wt.
  • For sick animals=11ml/kg body wt.

Direction for use

Add Lactolto warm, not boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Allow cooling at body temperature and it is ready for puppies and kittens.

Frequency of feeding

  • Age (Days) Frequency
  • 0-21 every 2 hrs
  • 22-35 every 3-4 hrs
  • > 35 with other solid food


  • 1 kg