JerHigh is an international dog food company that produces quality treats for all your adult dogs.  This Thailand based company uses premium quality ingredients to produce a variety of different flavor snack treats for your canine friends.

JerHigh is manufactured by a subsidiary business of Chareon Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF. The company was established in 1978 and has been growing stronger ever since its inception. Their continual efforts have provided them global fame in the food and agro industry.

JerHigh is comparatively a new brand that was developed in 2004 and the highlight is that they produce pet products that are at par with the food standards. The idea behind these treats is to provide optimal level of care to your pets. The company claims understand the importance of a pet’s life for their human counterparts and believes that they should settle for nothing less other than premium quality treats for their pets.

Just like humans, dogs need a palate change after all who likes to eat the same food time and again. Hence, it is necessary to give them snacks that are not only tasty but are made with premium ingredients to ensure their health. Jerhigh has extended the same by producing an exhaustive range of snack range for your dog.

These include Jerhigh Carrot Stix Dog Treats, Fruity Banana Stick, Liv Stix, Salami treats, Spinach Stix, Plain Stix along with Milk Stix. There are other palatable flavors as well, this includes Blueberry, strawberry, cheese and sausage dog treat, liver browny, Chicken Jerky and carrot stix.

Jerhigh also has Bacon dog treats, cookie dog treats, cookie cheese dog treats and mini burger dog treats.

CPF produces these delectable treats using quality chicken that ensure that all dogs receive real protein, which is obtained from real and fresh meat only. The snacks are produced in hygienic conditions and use high quality ingredients.

Their continual efforts have got them various international standard certifications as well such as GMP, ISO9001, HACCP and ISO 14000:2004. All the products produced by JerHigh can be traced back to the raw materials that was used in the manufacturing processes and materials utilized.

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