Himalaya is a well-known brand when it comes to pharmaceuticals; this health care giant is known to produce quality drugs without the use of any harmful chemicals. Their USP is that they use all Ayurveda products that are completely safe to use and do not have any additional chemicals.

Himalaya has created a name for itself in the human medicine genre and is known to have developed various supplements and medicines that source the ingredients from Ayurveda, which is found in abundance in nature.

The Himalaya Drug company was founded somewhere in 1930 by M. Manal, his aim was to bring Ayurveda into the contemporary medicine form. He wanted to bring the 5,000 year old form of medicine to modern society. The medicines were manufactured selecting various indigenous herbs and formulations, which draws its inspiration from various ayurvedic texts written all through history. It was after much research that he developed various drugs and therapies for humans. These combined the goodness of Ayurveda with modern technology.

Himalaya Drug Company has been based on the pillar of performing research in nature to identify the appropriate ingredient, which will have therapeutic qualities. They have been the pioneers when it comes to developing modern medicines with the help of age old secrets of Ayurveda. The company uses 9001:2000 cutting edge technologies to develop pharmaceutical grade ayurvedic products. The herbal care company has been even awarded a certification for the same in 2003.

Ever since the conception of the organization, Himalaya has developed safe and innovative remedies that can help people to develop and lead healthier lives. In fact Himalaya products have been endorsed by over 2,50,000 doctors and has become a globally renowned brand that is present and prescribed in over 89 countries of the world.

This pharmaceutical brand extended its range to the animal health care segment as well. They bring in expertise to the animal care segment and developed natural drugs and therapies for all pets as well, which includes cats and dogs.

The organization boasts of a vast range of pet health products, this includes well researched and safe products that help to alleviate the suffering of the animals. The medicines will help to improve the health of your pet and increase the productivity as well with a wide range of supplements, which have been specially formulated for your pets.

Around the world there is a widespread discontent for the presence of chemical contaminants in various dairy and poultry products, taking its cue from this the Himalaya Drug Company produces quality ayurvedic drugs and therapies for animal health care.

Himalaya Drug Company launched an entire range of pet health care products for the commercial livestock in July 1998. The products have been especially formulated to help animals live a safe and healthy life and also produce a range of supplements to improve their health. The resultant output is that there is a healthy livestock and the animal products are absolutely safe for all human consumption.

After this in 2000, Himalaya introduced a range of product for companions that are the pets. There is a wide range of medicines and supplements available for dogs and cats as well.

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