Hills pet food brand was developed by a visionary veterinarian Dr. Mark L. Morris in 1939. He saw the gap in the industry when it came to nutrition specific food for all dogs and cats. Dr Morris wanted to develop food to specially cater to need of all cats and dogs that suffer from any deficiencies.
Prescription Diet as the name suggests will only be provided to the user with the help of a veterinarian prescription. This can be used for kidney issues, urinary tract problems, stomach and others as well.
Science Plan is widely available in various stores as well. This range specifically caters to the demand of puppy, dogs along with kittens and cats. They offer a wide range of options from dealing with sensitive skin to specialized food such as providing Oral Care.
The company works on the basic principle that care for animals is the foremost thing. Dr Morris Frank believes that there is nothing that can replace proper nutrition, veterinarian care, daily exercise and oddles of love for your pet. The organization thrives on the motive to develop nutritional technology for all cats and dogs to ensure a healthy life. 
Hills Dog Food have specially designed their studies to constantly improve the animal’s health. No animal is hurt even given euthanasia as a part of their research.
This specialized food is the result of continuous good work by a team of approximately 150 veterinarians. Nutrition lists and food scientist work in tandem to develop the perfect food for your pet. The prime aim is develop special food to cater to all the demands of your pet and constantly improve the new products in their reporter ire.
Hills know the value of taste in your pet’s food it is made with balanced nutrients and is made to be palatable for all cats and dogs. The foods is formulated in a way that it meets all the nutritional requirements of your pet while omitting salt and fat.
Hills was formulated in Topenka, Kansas, USA. The close team does not only include vets and nutrition’s. There is a team of all important pet dogs. This is to ensure that there is assistance to cater to specific health conditions and ensure palatability of food.
The brand has made it presence felt since 1948 and is going strong there are numerous veterinarians that would recommend Hills product. Hills is one of the first companies to develop pet food with the concept of Evidence based clinical nutrition. Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition starts with extensive nutritional research. These in-depth studies ensure that there products will provide real benefits to pets and meet the highest standards of quality and excellence expected by customers.
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