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Dog Hair & Nail Trimming Products

Grooming is an integral part of daily upkeep for any pet. A well groomed pet looks clean and presentable. Not only is grooming for external appearances but it also ensures a healthy pet. There are two main kinds of grooming for any pet - hair and nail.

Hair Trimming

Dogs are blessed with beautiful hair which needs to be taken care of. Dogs with long hair such as Lhasa Apso or Cocker Spaniels require regular grooming to ensure that their luscious locks do not get tangled. Tangled locks are extremely painful to the pets. hair grooming can be done with the aid of hair clippers and hair trimmers. We have the best of hair grooming tools available on our website for you to choose from. Pet grooming experts - Wahl and Andis have a broad range of home and expert trimming and clipping tools available.

Nail Trimming

All dogs have nails that undergo natural wear and tear. However, many a times nails grow faster than usual. Long nails can be extremely painful for the dog as they hinder walking and running. Long nails also mean a clicing noise on the floor which is not a pleasant sound. On our website, we have a broad range of nail trimming tools that you can use at home to groom the nails. The nail clippers are easy to use and can save you time of visiting a groomer every time you want the nails to be clipped.