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Whether you have a dog or a cat or whether you are a pet parent to small pets such as rabbits, hamsters or birds, you will require a safe haven for them. Even though they are safe inside the house, small pets require a place that they can play and sleep in. At DogSpot, our pet experts have carefully selected products that act as habitats for your pets. Each product is unique and offers fun time along with safety for your pet.
The products available on DogSpot are designed to meet the requirements of the small pets. Each habitat offers comfort, safety, playtime and ample space for your pet to feel safe and secure and have a good sleep every day. Some of the popular brands that offer comfortable habitats for your pets are:
IMAC IMAC is one of the leading names in the habitat, carriers and cages for pets. The habitat and the accessories offered by IMAC have been designed keeping in mind the amount of activity that your pet requires and also their size and nature.
Pet Brands Pet brands offers products that are safe and comfortable for your pets. Made with durable material that is resistant to the most persistent of the gnawers, Pet Brand products are a must have for your pets.
Savic Another well known brand, Savic is a pioneer in the development of airy, pet friendly and unique designs for habitats for your small friends. Each product offers great fun time as well as comfort and safety.
Urine off Urine off is a unique product that has been designed to combat the odor and sight of pet urine. The innovative product removes the stains gently without harming the surface.
Vitapol Vitapol is not only a well known brand in the food and supplements but also in providing safe haven for small animals. The simple designs are easy to use and do not cause any harm to the pets.