• KONG Goodie Bone Large KONG Goodie Bone Large

KONG Goodie Bone Large

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Product Description

Goodie BONE Large

The colorful part of KONG Goodie Bone Large always helps your dog to find its toy. Perfect for throwing games like interactive games and fetching that strengthens your relationship with your loyal friend and will also keep both of you in shape. Available in three sizes; medium, large and Xlarge.  The end of the toy has patented Goddie Grippers for stuffing with the snacks. Your dog will remain occupied and engaged with KONG Goodie Bone Large when you are not there.

This innovative dog toy has the capacity to conquer boredom and support your dog’s dental health.  It gives dog a chewing variety.  You can treat your dog with this bone for its hard work.  You can even challenge your dog to work for the treat. It also enhances the dental benefits of chewing. . The bone dog toy also stimulates dogs' minds, discourage problem behavior resulting from boredom and excess energy.

Give your dog a new toy that solves many purposes.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in assorted sizes
  • Perfect for filling your dog’s favorite snacks
  • Made of non-toxic durable rubber
  • Keeps the dog engaged and happy
  • Extremely durable
  • Help foster dental health
  • Vanish dog’s boredom
  • Multifunctional 
  • Color- Red
  • Material- Rubber
  • Size (S,M,L, XL)- Large
  • Suitable for (breed size)- for dog from 13-30  kg
  • Use- chew toy
  • Max length- 9 inch