Fritz Pet Products are one of the leading importers and exporters of aquarium water product manufacturers within America.  The company is known worldwide for conducting individual university studies that have proved that Fritz aquarium maintenance products are superior in quality when compared to various products in the marketplace.

At present, Fritzpet products are used across various marine establishments across the county. The Fritx industries even today perform research and analyses market demand and then designs new products as per customer requirements.

The industry not only manufacturers product but is well known when it comes to performing research and developing technologies as well. Fritzpet in the last ten years has grown its organization into five independent units.  Fritz has been known for developing the right product and administers the product right from inception to the development process.

There is a variety of Water Conditioners that is produced by the company as it is important to maintain the optimal quality of the water to ensure a healthy growth of fish. There is a wide range of Aquarium water conditioner available for both fresh as well as saltwater aquariums.

Fritzpet produces a variety of clarifiers that ensure that the aquarium water is free of any floating particles. There is a variety of cleaners that help to clean the algae from the tank effectively. The sludge degraders ensure that the aquarium would be made with water quality with help of various products.

There is a range of aquarium cleaners that contains a blend of billions of bacteria and enzymes that help to break down the waste and helps the owners to have a brand new looking tank at all times.

Fritzpet also has nitrifying bacteria that contains live and non-toxic bacteria in it. There is a wide range to choose from though.  The company also has a unique freshwater product that helps the users with a rapid cycling process in the new tank or to cater to any emergency re-start situations. This can be perfect for central systems and hobbyists.

Every aquarium owner needs a variety of pH adjusters as well, they ensure that the water in the aquarium is not only of optimal quality but helps you to maintain the optimal health among your fish.

In addition to water conditioners and nutrients, Fritzpet also manufacturer’s variety of filtration products that helps in the mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Though, the organization suggests that the desired level can be achieved only after mixing the three.

Fritzpet is a one-stop shop for all your aquarium needs. They ensure that you are able to maintain the sparkling glass within your tanks at all times and ensure that you have a vibrant underwater space within your living room.  This includes a variety of glass and acrylic cleaners for your aquarium glass. This can be used on your LCD screens as well.

Fritzpet is not only for the average fish enthusiast and hobbyists but produces quality products to professional keepers as well. The varied range of the professionals can be gauged from the fact that they produce a high purity supplement for variously advanced reef keepers as well.


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