Forbis is a well-known brand when it comes to producing quality pet grooming products. This is a name that is trusted by even professional groomers across the world. Forbis is a product of Forcans Inc, they are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of pet care products. The company is based in Korea and has been producing commercial grooming products since 1994.

The company manufactures and sells quality pet products across the world. This include a plethora of products such as anti-dandruff shampoo, coloring, temporary coloring, ear cleaner, oral refresher, eye cleaner, tear stain remover, aroma deodorant, cologne, anti-germ, movement leading spray, coat conditioner and coat styling spray.

Forbis is a registered brand name for Forcans which is inspired by the word BIS i.e. Best In Show. The company believes in it strongly and every product that is produced in the facility is produced under strict quality control features, ensuring that every product that is manufactured under Forbis is perfect for not for your pet but also the pet owners.

This is one of the prime reasons that Forbis is such a renowned name with customers. Forbis claims that their products not only increase the visual appeal of the pet but the pet feels at ease and their product ensures comfort. Along with this it helps them to look healthier with regular use and gets rids of allergies efficiently.

The temporary colouring is a one of its kind product that has been produced with the help of a unique technology. This is more common in the markets abroad and is widely used for Halloween and other festivals. This is easy to apply and equally easy to remove.

At present there are a variety of products that are produced by Forbis, some of the prominent products include Dog Conditioner Aloe rinse, Dog Deodorant Aroma, Deodorant Dog Perfume, Short Coat Aloe Dog Shampoo, Mild Olive Dog Shampoo, Long Coat Aloe Dog Shampoo, Forbis Long Coat Aloe Shampoo for Dog,  Short Coat Aloe Shampoo for dog.

Along with there is there is a Dog Deodorant that comes in Green Tea flavor, one deodorant in a fruity flavor with a rinse and a puppy shampoo.


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