Flexi is known across the world for their innovative retractable dog leashes, this innovative invention from Germany changed the world for a lot of pet owners across the globe. The globally renowned Flexi leashes have its presence in over 90 countries across the globe and are market leaders in the genre.

Flexi had launched their first prototype in 1972 and the concept has remained unchanged ever since then. The technology has seen a vast change though to ensure perfection in the manufacturing of the retractable leashes. The most unique aspect about Flexi is that this is one of the few pet products in the world that just produces one product i.e. the Flexi retractable leash.

The first flexi leash came with a patent high technology retraction system; that ensured comfortable handling for the pet owner while ensuring that the leashes are trendy and fashionable. In the present day they are known not only for their world famous retractable leash but have carved a niche for themselves with the quality and the bright designs.

The versatility and exceptional quality of the Flexi leash has seen them winning various accolades from international trade magazines and organizations for pet sector. In 2010 Flexi was awarded the Brand of the Century by ‘German Standards’. Along with this they have won the Consumers Digest Best Buy award, the red dot design award and the Editor’s Choice Award for the Dog Fancy magazine as well.

Flexi started in 1973 in Northern Germany and has been delivering products with reliability and integrity. The biggest advantage of the Flexi leash over the other leashes is that the former gives freedom to both pets and pet owners. It is simple to operate and the small push button near the thumb ensures that the leash is extended and retracted by just the press of the thumb. Making it extremely easy for your to control your pet on your regular walks.

These are universal leashes that can be attached to almost any dog collar the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that every Flexi leash comes with an adequate weight range of the dog, this needs to be checked, opt for a leash as per the weight of your pet to ensure a smooth walk without any hiccups.

There are various different ranges for the Flexi leash these include Classic Comfort, Comfort Compact, Summer Time All Tape, Fashion Ladies Pink Fashion, Fashion Gentle Profile and Fun Time All Tape. You just have to select the appropriate leash for your pet according to his or her weight.

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