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Small pets such as hamsters, rodents, guinea pig and rabbits are delicate and require a lot of care and comfort. When it comes to feeding them food or water, keeping large water or food bowls will not be helpful. The mouths of small pets are small and delicate and require feeding accessories that are easy to access and use and do not cause nicks and bruises in the mouth.
At DogSpot we understand that you require the best of accessories for your pets and hence have taken the help of experts to select the best of products for your pets. Some of the well known brands that have premium quality products available as feeding accessories are:
IMAC – IMAC is one of the premium manufacturer and marketer of products for large as well as small pets. The water feeders designed by IMAC are easy to use and maintain and can be attached to any cage or habitat to ensure that there is fresh supply of water for your pets.
Savic – Savic has designed simple yet innovative feeding bottles for small pets. The bottles are easy to clean, use and maintain.
Living World – Living world offers a wide variety of water feeding accessories that are innovative and can be used in any habitat.