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You would never eat food off the floor, would you? Your dog shouldnt eat food off the floor either. The sad part is that dogs dont realize that food on the floor is out of bounds because it is unhealthy. Dog feeders are available in the market to help you ensure that your dog does not eat off the floor or from the dining table. Also, these feeders come very handy when you have to leave your dog home alone for a few hours. The feeder will keep the supply of food coming for your dog and so you dont have to worry even when you are not at home.

Dog feeders are indeed a very smart investment for all dog owners to inculcate good food manners in your dog and also to make sure they dont starve when you are not around. There are feeders that also supply water. These are handy during summers and when you are out so that your dog is not thirsty.

Here are a few brands that you can completely rely upon for good quality feeders that are also affordable:

Scoobee: Scoobee excels in very good dog feeders such as the Dog Water Bottle Feeders and Pet Dog Cage Water Bottle Feeder. These are of very good quality and are easily reliable.

Dogspot: Dogspot is a leading brand that sells superior quality products for dogs. The Pet Feeder for Dog and Cat from Dogspot is an excellent product, which is very convenient and easy to use. It is also anti-slip and sturdy so that it doesnt move or topple off when your dog uses it. This product is a very smart investment.

Hola sells the very sturdy Electronic Portion Control Automatic Dog Food Feeder Hola. This automated feeder for dogs is very simple to install and needs two batteries. The best part is that it controls your dogs food intake. It is an amazing portion controller.

Dogit: The Dogit Water Fountain for Dogs keeps water for your dog fresh and ensures adequate supply. It can hold around three liters of water at a time, which is more than enough.

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