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Dog ears are extremely sensitive and dog ear care is a very important step of dog grooming. If you leave them without caring for them, the ears can breed infections and painful problems for your dog. All the wax should be cleaned off regularly so that your dogs ears are clean and dont invite any infections.

Ear care is not something you should do with your fingers or hands. There are many careless people who just use their fingers to get rid of the wax. They dont even do it gently. They are very harsh and that causes a lot of harm and pain. Depending on the situation, you should clean your dogs ears every week or twice a week. Instead of using your fingers, use proper products so that cleaning is mess- and pain-free.

Here are some brands and products that you can choose from:

Scientific Remedies: The Dog Calm Ear Drops from Scientific Remedies is ideal if your dog has an infection and needs cleaning. It can get rid of yeast and bacterial infections from ears. It also reduces pain and exudation. The fact that it is anesthetic reduces inflammation too.

Tea Tree: The Tea Tree Oil Ear Cleaner for Dog and Ear Cleaner Tea Tree are the two main products from Tea Tree. You can use the prior not just to clean your dogs ears regularly but also when he has a cut or an insect bite. It soothes the irritation and relieves your dog of the pain. The latter can be used against bacterial and fungal infections. It contains glycerine that loosens the wax for easy removal.

Virbac: Epitopic Dog Ear Cleaner is a product to use regularly. It is anti fungal and anti bacterial with non-irritating properties. It is an excellent choice because it also removes bad odor from ears.

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