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Food is the basic necessity of all living beings. We all know this but how many of us actually realize this that the nutritional requirements of your pets are different from us.  What may be a nutritious meal for you may be poisonous for your pet. Hence, it is necessary to ensure a healthy and nutritional meal for all your pets that will not only ensure a healthy growth for your pet but will help you to ward of diseases as well. Most of the times this cannot be achieved through the home cooked meals only.

This is especially true when it comes to cats; your cat is essentially a carnivore so he or she might find it difficult to survive on an all vegetarian diet. They will need special food to ensure their health and maintain the natural luster of the coat. Thus, it is absolutely essential to choose the correct food for your feline friends. There are a variety of formulations available for your kittens and cats.

We understand your need and have collected an array of specialized cat food for your pets. You can choose any one from the available range.

Royal Canin

This is a leading brand when it comes to dry food for both cats and dogs. They have a wide range of cat food which is not only age specific but is species specific as well. At the moment there is a specialized range for Persian cats and kittens. Along with a specialized range for adult cats and kittens, Royal Canin also has a special formulation that caters to the need of all your sterlised cats.


This is the most well-known brand for cat food. They produce special formulations for your cat and come in a variety of fish flavors that ensure that it is palatable for your pet while giving them the required minerals and Omega 3 acids that will ensure health and a lustrous coat. The presence of taurine ensures efficient functioning of the cardiac functions.


This is another specialized range of cat food for your feline friends. There is a wide range of flavor available under this dry cat food brand such as Salmon, Ocean Fish, Mackerel and Tuna.


Cimiao is produced by the house of Farmina they produce quality products for your cat. At present they have food for your cats and kittens and there are special formulations that ensure effective maintenance for all your adult dogs.


The Science Plan range from Hills includes premium range of cat food that not only ensures health for your cats but also helps to deal with a variety of issues in your cat such as hairball problems. Along with having specialized formulations for cats and kittens.