Drooling over Drools

Over the past 25 years, the Indian Broiler Group, popularly known as the IB Group, has diversified in a host of integrated businesses to emerge as one of the most successful business conglomerates of the country. Having started the company with its entry in the poultry industry way back in 1985, the group now has presence in sectors as farming, food processing, retail, organic fertilizers, finance and education. Out of its several business profiles, Drools, the brand that offers superior quality cat and dog food has become popular over a period of time with dog and cat lovers all over.

Apremium brand, Drools is marketed and manufactured by the IB Group. The food prepared at its manufacturing units is made with choicest ingredients under the expert guidance of veterinarians, nutritionists and animal lovers. With the aim to cater to the nutritional requirements of pets, Drools is made with raw material specially imported by the IB Group for the purpose.

We all want our little furry friends to have the best of everything and when it comes to feeding them, we want them to eat what is right for them and their body. Though they will never say it themselves but along with taste, we know their body wants their food to be packed with essential vitamins and proteins that take care of their growing body. Dog owners want food with best ingredients and very little fillers. Keeping in mind the individual requirements of pets of different age groups, Drools has food for all kinds of dog breeds and of course cats.

Here’s a low down on all categories of food that Drools has to offer:


Pups: Something strong that’s good enough for their growing bones, but at the same time easily digestible by their little bodies, Drools dog  food has the right food for your tiny little pups of small breeds that are as young as two months old and bigger ones too. Even for the medium breed pups, the food is nutritionally supported for their balanced muscular and skeletal development with good levels of calcium, phosphorus, protein and fat. On the other hand, for a large breed puppy, Drools is packed with natural sources of glucosamine to support healthy joints stressed by a large breed puppy’s growth and weight. So, if you happen to have an Afghan Hound, Dalmation, German Shephard, Great Dane, St Bernard and the like, you’d like to feed them food from Drools specifically made for large breed pups.

Adult Dogs: The dietary requirements of an adult dog are quite different from that of a pup. For an adult dog of a small breed that weighs up to 10 kg at maturity, or an adult of a medium breed like Basset Hound or Golden Retriever or for that matter, an adult of a large breed, there is specific food to satisfy their bigger appetites. Drools dog food for these dogs is full of natural vegetable fibre to aid proper digestion and help support their joints.


Kitten:Considering the bodily demands of a growing kitten, Drools has complete nutrition bundled in its food for them. Drools cat food is rich in energy, minerals and vitamins, which is so essential for a growing little kitten. Packed with natural prebiotic, the food improves immunity of the pets against diseases they might encounter later in life. 

Adult cats:Everyone knows cats love their food. They want it to be best in taste. Promising the same, Drools adult cat food is also loaded with well-balanced nutrition to keep up with the needs of a fully grown cat. Essential fatty acids take care of their rich coat and vitamin A supplements help keep their eyes healthy and glowing.


A wholesome vegetarian meal for the growing dogs and cats, the vegetarian flavour has all the requisite grains as rice, corn, vegetables, wheat corn and what have you. The end product is a power shot of right amount of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and all that jazz. Likewise, the non-vegetarian meals, complete with choice of chicken and rice or chicken and egg, have proteins that your pet loves. Interestingly, Drools also has vegetarian and non-vegetarian biscuits to satiate the hunger pangs of your adorable little pups.


Liver Support Supplement: You want to improve your pet’s appetite and protect its liver from anything bad happening to it then you have to go for this Drools Dog supplement.

Hip and Joint Supplement:Did you know glucosamine and chondroitin fortified with vitamins, minerals and bromelain keep joints healthy and improve mobility of pets? You didn’t? Well then, now you do and this supplement in a treat form is what your pets need.

Skin and Coat Supplement:For a shiny, smooth coat, it is important to feed them with Omega 3 and 6 along with zinc and that’s what this one gives.

Daily Vitamin Minerals Supplement: All the vitamin and organic minerals in treat form work best for dogs and cats. A daily dose helps them recover fast from illness and also improve breeding efficiency.

Digestive Enzymes Supplement: Prebiotics for dogs and cats is a palatable preparation in treat form to support a healthy tract, every day and also improves immunity.

There is strong emphasis on good quality protein and essential nutrients in all its packaged food which is done carefully to ensure best quality products reach the consumers. What’s more, the economical pricing of drools also makes it the choice of maximum number of consumers.

Not the ones to rest on their laurels, the IB Group ensures research and development in all its brands is done from time to time to upgrade the knowledge and quality of the products offered in keeping with the customer requirements. Armed with state-of-the-art laboratories, they do a strict quality check to see to the fact that all its manufacturing is done using the best of the products. In fact, the IB Group prides itself on its strict adherence to quality check and testing procedures.

And hey, just one last word, you can also feed Drools to your dear pets when they are lactating or are pregnant!

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