• DogSpot Rope Cross Tug Rope Toy DogSpot Rope Cross Tug Rope Toy
  • DogSpot Rope Cross Tug Rope Toy DogSpot Rope Cross Tug Rope Toy

DogSpot Rope Cross Tug Rope Toy

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Product Description

Keep your dog happy and busy with Dogspot  Cross Cotton Rope Toy This is a cotton bone with a cross in the middle, which will help massage your dog’s jaws and gums. This beautiful multi-coloured dog toy is made up of high quality cotton, dyed in safe colours. The best feature of the  Dogspot Cotton Rope Toy - Large is that it has dual use. This can be used to engage your dog in an interactive play like tug-of-war and it helps your dog maintain his dental hygiene as well. An additional advantage over the other rope toys is its extra knot, which engages the pooches in extra playtime!
Dogspot Cotton Rope Toy is tougher and longer lasting than the rawhide chews, are pose no threat for your pet as they are very soft unlike the sharp rawhide bones. This is especially helpful for you if you cannot brush your dog’s teeth daily. Dogspot Cotton Rope Toy To flosses your dog’s teeth as your dog chews them, thus helping to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar in your dog's mouth. Along with that, it satisfies your buddy’s instinctive urge to chew on something to relieve boredom and stress.
Dogspot Cotton Rope Toy - Large is perfectly suitable for all large dog breeds.
  • Made up of superior quality cotton
  • Colored using safe dyes
  • Multicoloured, looks attractive
  • Extra Knot helps in increased play duration
  • Soothes the urge to chew
  • Prevents tartar and plaque build up