Dogs & More

Dogs & More

This is one a very novel initiative taken by Farzana Behram Contractor. This magazine has been designed with the objective to know one’s pets better. It is a magazine that serves the purpose of taking better pet Care. It is a premium magazine for two very important reasons, one being the cause of the magazine and the other being the intention and the purpose of the magazine. Bothe the reasons lead to the very basic point that the magazine has been created to help individuals know their pets better. The magazine aims at making the most of one’s relationship with one’s pet. The magazine is a brand in itself which looks in the welfare of dogs.

One can find very pretty and aesthetic pictures of various pets. One can also find a really good content that emphasizes on the various ways in which pets can be taken care of. Apart from this it has stories beautifully woven around pets. These stories are mostly real life experiences of people who have great love for their pets. It has been planned with a meticulous and dedicated team who have understood and dealt with the content in the best way possible. The dog magazine has been designed to make the owners come closer to their pets. The magazine has a beautiful collection of pictures that only add to the cause of the magazine. One can be assured that spending 270 rupees to get an edition of the book is an expense that is worth every penny.

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