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Buy Dog Toys Online

Your dog needs toys too in order to have fun and spend some time. We offer a wide range of dog toys to select from right from chewy toys, which will keep them away from your slipper to interactive toys, which will engage them for hours at a stretch so that they don’t get bored.
It is difficult to spend all your time with your dog and when you are busy, he is bound to get bored. There are also times when he is being a naughty and you need to engage him with something. These are the perfect instances to bring out his toys and keep him hooked for some time. You will find numerous brands and categories of toys to choose from. 

Dog Toys Brands 

KONG: KONG is a very popular brand that sells dog toys. You will find a whole range of toys from KONG for your dog including Frisbees, chew toys, squeakers, dog binky, dental chews, balls, pull toys, and so on. You can choose based on what you think will keep your dog engaged for long. One thing to know about KONG is that all the toys are made out of rubber. They are safe and will not harm your dog in any way. Also know that the chew toys are color-coded. If you have a puppy, you should choose the blue or pink toys. If your dog is an average chewer, red is for him. If he is a tough chewer, you should buy him black. For senior dogs, there is the purple chew toy!
JW Pet Toys: They are another popular brand. They offer a wide variety of toys right from balls to chewer toys to squeaker toys. You can choose based on the size of your dog. For example, you should buy a small sized ball for a small breed dog and a large one for a large dog. There are also options for medium sized dogs. If you buy toys that are too large or too small, your dog won’t play with them.
Dogit: This brand mainly has dental toys. The best part is that the dog’s teeth are cleaned as he plays with them! Thus, you will be ensuring your dog’s oral health by using these toys. The toys include Dental Dog Toy, Floss, and Water Fountain.
Karlie: This brand offers interactive toys, soft toys, and other variants. It is a good brand, too.

Dog Toy Categories:

Interactive Dog Toys: Just as the name suggests, these toys engage your dogs by literally interacting with them. Your dog will get absorbed in these dogs because they are so engaging on the mental and the physical level. These toys also give him a way to channelize his energy properly. These toys include wobbler toys from KONG, Dental Dog Toy Chew & Clean from Dogit, Doggy Train Brain Interactive Dog Training Toy, Squeaker toys, Super Flyer Dog Toys, and so on. You can even use these toys to train your dog.
Dog Soft Toys: Depending on your dog’s chewing habits, play style, and activity level, you can choose soft toys for him! These toys are generally for the quieter and calm dogs. You will find stuffed toys as well as non-stuffed toys. Stuffed toys are usually squeakers and the non-stuffed toys are hollow. You may choose whatever you prefer for your dog. Supervise your dog when he plays with these so that he doesn’t ruin them too soon. Some examples of these toys are Puppy Latex Slipper Toy Karlie and Plush Skinneez toys.
Ball Toys: Dogs love playing and dogs adore chewing. Blend these together and buy them ball toys! Every dog MUST have ball toys. He will love them tremendously and what’s more, you can even train him with the help of these toys. Always make sure you buy a branded ball so that it is durable and can withstand chewing. KONG, Dogit, and Karlie provide good ball toys for dogs.
Dog Squeakers: Dogs will be amazingly fascinated with these toys because they produce sound. Your dog will spend hours playing around with these toys even without realizing it! These toys are a huge hit among dogs!
Rope Dog Toys: These are ideal for chewing. They usually have rope along with rubber or plastic to engage dogs endlessly.
Bone Toys: Oh, which dog doesn’t love bones! Give him a bone toy and watch him chew away for ages!
Go on then. Buy the best dog toy for your little one and watch him have lots of fun!
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