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Puppy Care Products

The decision to bring home a puppy is a huge responsibility for any pet parent. The first few months of their life puppies are vulnerable and just like children have to be taken care of. Puppies are very delicate as they are just getting used to the food and the environment and become highly susceptible to a number of problems. As pet parents we have to take care of the puppies so that they grow up nurtured and loved.

Once you bring home a puppy, you should go for deworming. Then, the vet will tell you about the vaccination and the injections he will need. He will specify dates for you to visit and give your puppy the shots. Make sure you vaccinate your puppy so that he is healthy. Your job of puppy care will begin as soon as you bring him home. Remember that he is still a newborn and requires a lot of care. Give him all the love and care in the world so that he feels secure and safe with you. Remember that being separated from his mother is very hard and overwhelming for him. Help him adjust to his new life and ensure that he is loved right from day one.

To ensure proper care for your puppy, there are several products in the market that you could try out. Information about the top brands has been given below:

KarlieKarlie is a famous brand that specializes in newborn care among various other things. Buy the nursing kit from Karlie and ensure that you feed the newborn puppy with utmost care and love.

New Born Animal Care: As the name suggests, this brand excels in products for newborn animals. Some of their products include Coloboost Puppy New Born Animal Care, Floryboost Pet New Born Animal Care, and Hydraboost Pet New Born Animal Care.

Royal CaninAlong with dry dog foods and treats, Royal Canin sells products for newborn puppies too! You should try out the milk replacer from this brand. It is simply top-notch.

BeapharBeaphar sells products for milk replacement. They are highly nutritious and contain the right formula for newborns.

Puppy care products can be divided into two main categories. They are as follows:

New Born Puppy Care: The products under this category include Puppy Boost New Born Animal Care, Hydraboost Pet New Born Animal Care, Coloboost 50 gm New Born Animal Care, Coloboost Pet New Born Animal Care, Fortiboost Pet New Born Animal Care, and Pet Nursing Kit Karlie.

Puppy Milk Replacer: These are for puppies that have just been separated from their mother. You can’t start feeding them solid food immediately, right? You have to ensure that they get all the nourishment that their mother’s milk was providing them. Otherwise, they will be malnourished! Good products for milk replacement include Lactol Puppy Milk Beaphar, Lactol Powder 1.5 kg Beaphar, and Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk for Puppies.