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Dog grooming is vital in order to ensure your dog’s health. Grooming is much more than giving your dog a bath. Grooming involves numerous procedures such as brushing your pet’s coat and cleaning his ears. Only when you take complete care of your dog will it be healthy and happy.
There are a great number of accessories that you could choose from across various brands. You can choose based on your requirements and what you think will suit your dog the best.

Popular Dog Grooming Products Brands

KONG: Along with toys, KONG also sells a few dog grooming products such as Kong Dog ZoomGroom Raspberry. You can choose products from this brand in order to take good care of your dog.
FURminator : This brand is very famous for the various dog grooming tools it offers such as Small Dog Small Hair DeShedding Tool and so on. The company also offers a good quality Micro fiber towel, DeShedding Conditioner, etc. for you to buy for your furry friend.
Andis : This is another brand famous for dog grooming tools. The company excels in producing pet clippers that are durable and safe to use. They also offer cleaner products to keep the tools working well.
Wahl: Some of the products by Wahl include Wahl Battery Dog Trimmer, Wahl Blade Oil Spray, Wahl KM2 Professional Corded Dog Clipper, and so on.
Arnibax: This brand usually sells shampoos and conditioners. All the shampoos from this brand are safe and effective. Some products include Arnibaz Dog Shampoo Vetnex, and so on.
Arnica: This is another brand that sells shampoos such as Arnica Conditioning Pet Shampoo. If your dog tends to have dry hair or if you don’t want to buy a conditioner separately, this is the brand that you can choose.

Categories of Dog Grooming Products

Bath Accessories: You should bathe your dog at least once every week. Besides shampoos and conditioners, there are various different products that you can choose such as Pet Towel, Rubber Dog Bath Glove that massages and scrubs your dog. Such as Kong Dog ZoomGroom Raspberry, which is a kind of grooming brush to remove all loose hair from your dog’s body easily.
Brushes and Combs: You have to brush your dog’s hair everyday for it to shed less and be healthy. You have a wide range of brushes and combs to choose from such as Dog Brush Double Side Pin, Dog Handled Wooden, Dog Brush Slicker, Dog Brush Anti Tangle Mounting, Dog Flea Comb, Pet Grooming Brush, Dog Hair Thinning Brush and so on. You can see that there are different types for different lengths of hair and also for different purposes. 
Deodorizers: These are a must for very active dogs that tend to start smelling after physical activity. Bad odor can attract bacterial growth and to avoid that, you need deodorizers. You can choose various fragrances for your dog such as Fruity Dog Deodorant, Poof Magical Dog Deodorizer Spray, Aroma Dog Deodorizer, Mild Dog Deodorant, and Raspberry Dog Deodorant. Know that all these deodorants are safe and mild and does not irritate your pet.
Grooming Tools: You can choose from a wide range of grooming tools such as nail clippers, hair clippers and scissors. Some good products for your dog include Professional Pet Clipper Kit with Dual Battery, Stainless Steel Scissors for Pet Grooming, Dog Nail Clipper, Dematting Razor for Dog Hair Matting, Claw Pliers Pet Nail Care Karlie, Dog Tooth Brush Massage Brush Perfect Care Karlie to name a few. 
Shampoos: Choosing the right shampoo is extremely important. You have a wide range of shampoos to choose from and making a choice will be easy for you based on your dog’s requirements. Some shampoos include Aloevera Moisturizing Pet Shampoo, Arnibax Dog Shampoo Vetnex, Beaphar Shampoo Black Coats, Conditioning Dog Shampoo Forbis, Dog Shampoo Magic Fur Antiflea and Antitick, and so on. There is a shampoo for every breed of dog and every skin condition as common as flea infestation.
Shedding Control: Some dogs tend to shed a lot. If your dog is like that, make sure you buy a shedding control tool for him such as Furminator Deluxe Tool, Dog Matt Breaker, Furminator DeOdorizing Waterless Dog Spray and others.
Conditioners: Conditioners are required to go an extra mile after shampooing your dog to ensure complete cleanliness. Some good conditioners include Dark Coat Pet Shampoo-Conditioner, Dog Coat Polish Spray, Silk Crème Rinse Dog Conditioner along with others.
Advanced Grooming: Advanced grooming tools to cater to the specific needs of your dog such as hair dryer for pet, Dog Coat Polish Spray, BI Anti Dandruff Lotion for Dog, Pet Grooming Table along with others.
Dry Bathing: If your dog hates baths, you can give him a dry bath! Yes, there are products to enable you to do it. These include waterless Bath Dog Shampoo, Dry Revive Dry Shampoo for Dogs, Pup n Fluff Hypoallergenic Dog Wipes and other.
Dental Care: You need maintain the oral hygiene of your dog. Ensure that by brushing his teeth for him with products such as Dog Tooth Brush Massage Brush Perfect Care Karlie, Double Action Dog Toothpaster Beaphar, Dentopet Dog Tooth Paste and others.
Ear Care: Cleaning your dog’s ear is very important. Use products like Epitopic Dog Ear Cleanser for cleaning and Dog Calm Ear Drops if he has an infection.
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