Dog Gone Smart

Dog Gone Smart

Dog Gone Smart, contrary to the name is not only for the smart dogs but makes comfortable beds for every dog. This is a state of the art product that ensures comfort for all your canine friends. The aim of the organization is simple. They want to provide utmost care to not only the dogs but their owners as well.  In addition to making quality products they also provide grooming services to your canines.

The Dog Gone Smart was founded by Chris Onthank in 1993 and has recently completed 20 years of its existence. Chris is a well-known expert of canine behaviour and has immense knowledge as to what your dog will like and what he will not like. He is one of the few people in the industry who knows how to keep the pet healthy and safe.

Chris Onthank has spent years living and studying dogs. This has helped him to understand dogs better.  The idea is not only to keep them happy but safe as well. The company originated with the idea when it started take care for dogs. This practice that has been there for generations within the Onthank family. The range of products has been developed with the simple idea that living with dogs has helped them to understand as to how dogs think and behave. The study of their behaviour has helped them to maintain the perfect harmony with your pets.

Every program and service has been designed with this perspective. Dog Gone Smart also offers day care and boarding facility for your dog. In fact their study of the dog behaviour has also helped them to develop an effective training program for pets. This program is all about understanding the needs of your dog as ensuring that as a parent you provide them with the same.

Other than producing quality beds for your dog, they also are the authorized dealers for Dog Guard Out of Sight fencing systems. The Dog Guard system is one of its kind and gives freedom from all pet worries. The Dog Guard comes with a radio controlled fence system, a hidden wire and a small receiver that is attached to it. The transmitter controls the area of hidden dog protection. This has been an innovative product in the industry for the past 20 years since its inception.

In addition to this they have professional dog grooming service as well that provides a variety of services for dogs.  The Dog Gone Smart grooming provides various services right from pet grooming to nail trimming, teeth and ear cleaning among other services. The idea is to ensure a stress free grooming experience for your dog.


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