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"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything", and we couldn't agree more! Good health is a culmination of a lot of factors - balanced nutritional diet, exercise, optimum sleep and of course happiness. Just like us humans, even dogs deserve every bit of good health. And while their need for exercise and play gets easily fulfilled, their diet is a major concern for most pet parents. The right diet ensures a healthy digestive system and of course in return a healthy dog.

Dog food comes in various forms - dry dog food, wet dog food, prescription diet food and canned dog food. Based on the dietary requirements and the health requirements of your dog, you can select the kind of dpg food that you would like to serve to your dog. 

  • Dry Dog Food - Dry dog food is mainly in kibble form of different sizes. Noticeable brands in the dry dog food category are Arden Grange, Fidele, Taste Of The Wild, Wag & Love & Farmina Natural & Delicious. Dry dog food is available for different age groups based on their nutritional requirements as per the age. The dry dog is specialy preferred as promotes dental health through he chewing process. The kibble has to be chewed in order to break down. The chewing action reduces the onset of tartar or plaque and reduces periodontal problems.
  • Wet Dog Food - Wet dog food is more of a add on for the dry dog food. Noticeable names in the wet dog food category are Farmina Natural & Delicious. The wet dog food is generally in gravy or mousse form and can be given as a food or as a addition to the dry dog food. Made from natural ingredients the food is delicious and your dogs will love it.
  • Prescription food - Sometimes dogs require special diet due to their health and for this reason leading food companies have designed food that can be given to the dogs. The food is generally given on a prescription by a veterinarian.

Here are some of the best brands that sell dry dog food:

Farmina Natural and Delicious :  Natural and Delicious is a popular brand that does justice to its name. It indeed provides natural and delicious dry dog food for dogs. All the dry dog foods are made out of Chicken and Pomegranate, Lamb & Blueberry, Quail, Duck and COD Fish from this brand and are divided based on the age of the dog such as puppy, puppy maxi, adult mini, adult, and adult maxi.
Earthborn Holistic®Earthborn Holistic® is advanced alternative nutrition for dogs and cats. They Have combined the highest quality holistic ingredients to nourish your pet. Earthborn Holistic selected the finest proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables, along with a complex blend of vitamins and minerals to support energy, immunity, health and wellness. You can pick the right one based on the breed of your dog and age.
PRO PAC® Ultimates™PRO PAC® Ultimates™ is committed to producing high-quality nutrition with excellent performance and unsurpassed palatability for all pets at an affordable price. Experts agree that quality pet nutrition enhances the quality and length of your pet's life. You can be confident that you are giving your pet the best when you feed PRO PAC® Ultimates™.You can pick the right one based on the breed of your dog and age.
Arden Grange: Arden Grange is an extremely popular brand and sells such a great variety of dog food that you will actually be baffled! You can categorize the food based on age & breed size. Right from the Puppy food to  and Arden Grange Adult,Arden Grange Adult Prestige & Arden Grange Adult Sensitive. You will find plenty of options to explore. Thus, you can pick out the right pack for your pet from Arden Grange with utmost ease.
Fidele : Fidele is a very popular brand and is very well known for the highly nutritious dry dog food it offers for dogs. You will find many products from this brand such as Fidele Dog Food Puppy Starter, Fidele Dog Food Small & Medium Puppy , Fidele Small & Medium Adult Dog Food, Fidele Large Breed Adult Dog Food, Fidele Dog Food Small & Medium Adult, and so on. You can pick the right one based on the breed of your dog and his age.
Taste of Wild: The most popular product from this brand is the Taste of Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula Dog Food. This dry dog food has fish protein, antioxidants, essential oils, and vitamins that will cater to the overall development of your dog. This type of food is ideal for all dogs.
Wag & Love: Wag and Love is inspired by Nature and the Love of our dogs. Wag & Love believe that dogs are Family and family deserves only the best. They have have 2 super-premium dog food ranges - Grain Free and Nurture (With Grains). You will find many products from this brand such as Wag & Love Puppy Bloom Starter Small & Medium Breed, Wag & Love Puppy Bloom Large & Giant Breed, Wag & Love Adult Vigor Large & Giant Breed, & popular Wag & Love Salmon Relish, Wag & Love Nurture Large & Giant Breed Adult and so on. You can pick the right one based on the breed of your dog and his age.