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Oral health is of utmost importance; you already know that. You have to brush your teeth twice a day, floss, clean your tongue, may be use mouthwash, and so on. For complete oral health, you should also watch what you eat.

The exact same rule applies to dogs. However, don’t can’t brush for themselves and floss their teeth. They also don’t know what kind of food would be beneficial to their oral health. Thus, we should take care of all that for them. Young puppies, especially need care because their teeth are still growing and they tend to itch. This is why puppies tend to want to chew everything in sight including your feet. As they grow old, dogs love the idea of being engaged in something that keeps their mouth occupied. Moreover, allowing them to chew caters to proper development of teeth and overall oral health.

Having said that, you shouldn’t just let your dog chew whatever he finds because chewing is good. If you do that, he will wreck havoc and ruin your furniture, slippers, and other items. Instead of allowing him to go on a rampant chewing spur, make sure you buy him the right dental treats so that he is occupied. Oh yes, there are numerous different types of dog dental treats for you to choose from today. Leading brands understand the important of these treats and how they ensure oral health while being delicious and engaging. This is why they have a variety of products for you to choose from.

Some of the leading brands and their products have been expounded as follows:

Pedigree: Along with everything else in the food section, Pedigree also sells dog dental treats. These treats are chewy, delicious, and healthy. Some of the popular products include Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Puppy, Pedigree Dog Treat Dentastix Toy and Small Dogs, Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Green Tea Flavor Toy and Small Dogs, and Pedigree Dog Treat Denta Stix Medium and Large Dogs. You can choose based on the breed of your dog.

Phoenix: Phoenix is a leading brand that sells fresh and healthy dog dental treats. Its most famous product is the Extra Fresh Dental Pure Dog Treat Phoenix, which works to kill all the harmful bacteria in the mouth and promote strong teeth. It also ensures fresh breath.

The Company of Animals: The Marrow Bone Dog Bone Treat Large is the most popular product from The Company of Animals. The treat will last really long and when your dog reaches the middle, he will taste yummy jerky! Thus, he will stay engaged for a long time while enjoying the taste.

NPIC: NPIC sells dog dental treats in various flavors including peanut and vanilla. Give your dog the taste of your favorite flavor and watch him rejoice in happiness! The famous products from this brand are Twistix Vanilla and Twistix Peanut and Carob.

Choostix: Choostix offers very healthy and safe dental treats for dogs. One example is the Choostix Vitamin Plus, which is loaded with various vitamins! It doesn’t just ensure oral health but it also makes sure your dog is fit and healthy overall. Another product is the Choostix Dental Jar, which ensures strong teeth, strong gums, and fresh breath.

All4Pets: All4Pets is an extremely popular brand for dogs that excels in many different things including dog dental treats. The brand sells a wide variety of treats for you to choose from. These include Dog Treat Dental Brush Milk Flavor, Dog Dental Rope Milk Flavor, Dog Dental Chew Bone Tea Polyphnol Flavor, Dog Treat Magic Bone, Dog Treat Buddy Dual Stick with Avocado and Milk, Dog Treat Dental Brush Chicken Flavor, and Dog Chew Dentopet.

Lotus Pet Care: Lotus Pet Care indeed comes up with the right products that will take care of your pets in one way or the other. The Dog Treat Licious Higiene Bucal product from this brand provides taste as well as health to your dog. It has anti-bacterial properties.