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Have there been times when you have enthusiastically served your dog’s most favorite food but he has sniffed and walked away, leaving you baffled and annoyed with him? Have you watched him creep back to his bowl hours later reluctantly because he HAS to eat to curb his hunger and not because he WANTS to?

The reason is pretty simple. The problem is not with his food. The problem is that he doesn’t like the bowl. Oh yes, dogs are really choosy about bowls and want their bowls to be comfortable. If your dog doesn’t like his bowl, it is probably because you are using a container from home or giving him the wrong bowl.

Here are a few good brands that sell high quality bowls and feeders for you to choose from:

Dogit: Dogit excels in feeders. The feeders from this brand are of very good quality and are easy to use. They are the right choices to train your dog not to eat off the floor or from the table. One good example of a Dogit product is Dogit Water Fountain for Dogs.

Durapet: Durapet sells an entire range of dog bowls. You will find just about every type of dog bowl from Durapet including clamp bowls, tip bowls, non-tip bowls, and adjustable bowls. There are also various sizes for you to choose from based on the age, breed, and size of your dog.

Savic: Savic is another brand that sells good varieties of bowls. The Savic Slow Down Food and Water Bowl is the best choice for your dog if he is a greedy eater who gobbles up his food without chewing and then ends up vomiting it all out. This bowl has partitions in it that slow your dog down. Other varieties of bowls from Savic include Savic Picnic Bowls.

All4Pets: All4Pets has a range of exclusive and very attractive dog bowls for dogs! They are usually stainless steel and non-tip to give your dog the comfort of eating peacefully. You will find all sizes of bowls to choose from.

Other popular brands of dog bowls and feeders include Dogspot, Super Dog, Scoobee, and so on.

Before making your purchase based on brands, you should also be aware of the various categories of dog bowls and feeders so that you understand more about them and make an informed decision. Indeed there are varieties when it comes to dog bowls and feeders too and each has been explained as follows:

Dog Feeder: Dog feeder is the best option for you if you are gone for long hours and need to ensure that your dog is getting his food on time. Also, a feeder will keep your dog away from the food on the floor and your dining table. Thus, a feeder is an ideal choice for every pet dog. Some examples of these feeders are Dog Water Bottle Feeders, Dogit Water Fountain for Dogs, and Pet Dog Cage, Water Bottle Feeder.

Tip Bowls: If you usually serve dry food to your dogs, tip bowls are the right choice. These bowls usually have a rubber ring on the outside at the bottom to ensure that they don’t skid when your dog is eating. They can be washed in the dishwasher with ease and thus, maintenance is easy. Also, these bowls don’t make any noise when your dog eats or drinks from them. Durapet Tip Bowls are very famous. You can find them in all sizes.

Non-tip Bowls: Non-tip bowls are those that don’t have any ‘tips’. They are rounded and flat. Thus, your dog doesn’t have to worry about sharp edges while he eats and drinks. You can either choose plastic bowls or stainless steel bowls based on your requirements. They are extremely safe and durable. They can also be washed in the dishwasher. All4Pets, Durapet, and Savic are famous brands that sell non-tip bowls.

Adjustable Bowl Stands: These bowls are for dogs that grow at an alarming rate. Of course you can’t place the bowl on various tables of different heights as he grows. That would be very tiresome and frustrating for you. Thus, buying adjustable bowl stands is ideal. You can adjust the height as your dog grows so that he eats comfortably and doesn’t strain his neck. Durapet, Dogspot, and Super Dog are some brands that sell these bowl stands.

Clamp Bowls: Clamp bowls may have a metal body, plastic body, or stainless steel body. These bowls are the right choice for cages and for travel. They will not roll over and spill food. You can use them for water and dry food. If your dog loves playing with his bowl, this is the one you should choose. Durapet is the leading brand for these bowls.

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